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The Cigar experience is something we passionately embrace and carefully curate. As a premier cigar destination within Canada, we are proud to be both Habanos certified specialists and Official Davidoff merchants. We offer a wide range of regular production, limited edition, rare vintages and other hard to find cigars and we strive to provide offerings not commonly found in other local tobacconists.

Our stunning walk in humidor is filled wall to wall with unique offerings of the best brands in both Cuban and Non-Cuban cigars to speak to any palette, new or matured. Our experienced team is comprised of cigar smokers and cigar lovers, this passion is something our clients experience as they get in-depth knowledge and guidance when they enter in our shop.


Cuban Vintages
regional exclusives


Humidors, Cases + Accessories

We know the investment you’ve made in cigars comes with the responsibility to maintain and store them in the proper conditions. We carry a large assortment of Humidors for all levels of collectors, ranging from beginner packages to desktops, uprights and for the truly seasoned aficionado custom builds. Our team doesn’t just sell you a humidor, but will also assist in the setup and seasoning of your purchase. This is to ensure optimal humidity settings when used at home. Are you a cigar smoker who is usually on the go? We also carry a variety of cases and travel humidors including large durable plastic cases, luxurious  and elegant leather cigarette cases and everything in between to suit your lifestyle and budget.

When it comes to accessories, we have all of the top named brands in lighters, cutters, humidification, ashtrays and much more to compliment your smoking experience. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for our team will be able to work with your needs and suggest the perfect solution.

Humidors + Cases


Humidors + Cases

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Pipes + Tobacco

In preserving the historic and distinguished tradition of pipe smoking, we have put together a collection of pipes. and a large variety of pipe tobaccos for any enthusiast.  Whether you are looking to buy your first pipe, adding to your pipe collection or grabbing a new tin to try, we have the choice to suit your preference and style.  As the process of smoking a pipe differs from that of cigars we also carry the pipe tools and accessories needed to fully enjoy your pipe-smoking experience. If needed when buying your pipe, our team will walk you through all of the information needed for using, cleaning, etc toensure you are getting the most, thus making us your destination for your pipe smoking needs.

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If there is something you are interested in and we do not carry it, we would be more than happy to source it for you. We are true lovers of the leaf and will go to great lengths to offer you an exceptional experience.

Humidor Curator – Orion Armstrong

Orion is the brains, passion and curator behind Cigar Company & Gentlemen’s Barbershop. Cigars are more than a personal hobby for him. As a vintage cigar smoker for 32 years and a private cigar-aging connoisseur for over 20, he has built a reputation as a leading expert in the field and understands the joy associated with a luxury experience. With his knowledgeable as an aficionado, he was approached to write about and review vintage cigars for national luxury and industry magazines. His access to some of the most well known cigar makers and influencers in the world enabled him to organize cigar events in some of the most exclusive locations and hotels.

Having witnessed the growth in interest in cigars as an experiential instead of transactional approach in global markets, he was determined to bring that same perspective to Canada. His personal dedication to the world of cigar smoking and its associated activities led him to create the Cigar Company and Barbershop.  This “for us, by us” venue combines his knowledge and background in vintage cigars with the traditional barbershop services to design the ultimate gentlemen’s destination.

Orion Armstrong - Humidor Curator