“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.” – Hector Louis Berlioz

Whether it be an everyday routine such as picking up a coffee or a defining personal moment, a gentleman who is well kept, is prepared to face any obstacle and celebrate any victory. At Cigar Company + Gentleman’s Barbershop our team of barbers and service staff will ensure you are provided a superlative experience leaving you ready to learn all that time will teach while looking good and feeling royal.

  • Gentleman’s Cut – $25

    Your Barber will begin the service with a consultation to understand your requirements whether it be the usual or something fresh and new. From fades to flat-tops, hard parts to pompadours our team will employ only the best in tools and techniques while you sit back and relax.

  • Gentleman’s Hot Towel Shave – $30

    Alexander the Great ordered his army shave before battle so the enemy could not pull on the beard of Greek soldiers. There are additional benefits to one of our classic straight towel shaves beyond the effectiveness a clean face may have in battle. Your barber will share these with you while you are treated to a timeless tradition once appreciated when things were simpler. You earned the thirty minutes of relaxation and the experience of the closest shave you can ever receive.

  • Gentleman’s Beard Trim – $15

    For some it may take a week, for others years in the making. Regardless, we know how important it is to maintain and care for your beard. Our barbers will help shape and provide structure to your beard while using only hand-picked products that will soften and leave you and your beard looking dignified and healthy.

  • Gentleman’s Grey/Colour Touch up – $15

    As time as passes and we inevitably move towards the end of class, a gentlemen’s knowledge and experience is represented through the colour of his locks. If you hope to fool the teacher, we invite you to come in and receive just the right amount of coverage without raising any suspicion.

  • Gentleman’s Cut and Shave – “The Grand Luxe” Treatment – $50

    There are very few experiences that exemplify luxury and tradition. The “Grand Luxe” treatment at Cigar Company + Gentlemen’s Barbershop will transform your appearance and refresh your current state. This age-old combination is the equivalent of hitting the reset button in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Gentleman’s Cut and Beard Trim – $35

    This is the “Grand Luxe” treatment for those that wish maintain their facial hair. There is no difference this experience will leave you with. Our barbers will craft and shape your beard to complement the cut and overall look you wish to have.